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The East High School bands were selected to be one of five bands from throughout the United States to represent the country at the Paris Parade Festival. This major international event was held in Paris, France in December. Well into its second decade, this popular New Year’s festival comprised a parade and outdoor concert. Bands, orchestras and other musical groups joined dance troupes and a host of specialty acts to create a series of celebratory events for visitors. The invitation came from the mayors of the cities of Paris and Chantilly and is reproduced below.
The Red Raider Marching Band performed in the heart of Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower at Le Festival Des Musiques Du Nouvel An, at the famous Place du Trocadero. The band also performed at La Grane Parade de Chantilly, an international street parade through the main thoroughfares of the city. Chantilly is one of the most beautiful towns in France and is that country’s equine center. Both performances featured groups from throughout the world. The East Concert Bands performed at Le Concert du Nouvel An at the American Cathedral in Paris and the East Jazz Ensembles I and II performed in Montmartre.
In addition to performing, the students had a number of tour highlights which included a visit to Notre Dame, a boat tour on the Seine River, and a guided tour of Paris.
"In recognition of an unparalleled reputation for outstanding performance abilities, the Patrons and the organising committee of the Paris Parade Festival, in association with the Youth Music of the World, The Mayor of Paris and The Mayor of Chantilly take great pleasure in extending an invitation to:
to participate in The Paris Parade Festival to be held in Paris and Chantilly, France, over the week of the New Year's Celebration 2008 - 2009."
Robert C. Bone
Festival Executive Director
Dan Guendert and his family headed for Hollywood for an all expense paid trip out to L.A. on February 23-25 for the live taping of the AFV show that will feature a Red Raider Band video with their compliment of geese in France.
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It's was really a fun week for the Red Raider bands and parents alike with adventures that will last a lifetime. I know many pictures were taken that were not posted in the Paris gallery. As an on-going project, please look through all the pictures and movies when your students return and consider sharing them with everyone in the web gallery. A new album will be created for each contributor. There is no limit to the number you can submit. Contact Dan Guendert or myself to arrange to have them converted for posting on our site.
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